Certifications and Claims

We are always striving to make our great tasting snacks even better for our customers. To ensure we stay true to our word and continue to be leaders in the industry, we’ve invested in important certifications and processes that reflect our commitment to quality.
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All of our organic products are Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. QAI provides independent, third-party organic certification to products at every stage from farm to fork to the USDA National Organic Program; Mexico Organics Product Law Standard; Canadian Organic Regime; Quebec Organic Reference Standards; European Union Organic Regulation; Japan Agricultural Standard and NSF/ANSI 305 Organic Personal Care Products.

Quality Assurance International certifies our organic products
Visit QAI websiteLearn more at https://www.qai-inc.com/

All of our products and facilities are certified Kosher Pareve by MK. Pareve encompasses foods that are neither meat nor dairy and requires certified foods to be processed on equipment that does not process meat, dairy, or additives.

Canada's Kosher Certifier Approved
Learn more at https://mk.ca/kosher-guide/kosher-101-2/Visit MK pareve website

The Safe Quality Food Institute uses science-based, proven principles in order to consistently apply standards of Food Safety and Quality on a global level. All of our products are SQF Edition 8.1 certified. Our certification includes the SQF Quality Shield which goes beyond food safety by putting an added emphasis on food quality.

The Safe Quality Food Program approves our Facility
Learn more at https://www.sqfi.com/what-is-the-sqf-program/sqf-food-safety-program/Visit sqf website

The Orthodox Union Certification is the most trusted kosher certification in the US. All of our products and facilities are OU kosher certified.

The World's largest Kosher Certification Agency Approved
Learn more at https://oukosher.org/Visit ou kosher website

IFANCA is a global leader in halal certification. When our product is certified with the Crescent-M logo, it is a symbol of quality and adherence to halal standards.

The World's largest Kosher Certification Agency Approved
Learn more at https://oukosher.org/

All of our products labeled “GMO free”, “Gluten-free”, and “Made in a Peanut-Free Facility” have been thoroughly vetted by experts. Through our certified SQF Food Safety program we control all allergens and sources of potential contamination, and we ensure the integrity of our products.

Our facilities are peanut-free: We understand the severity of peanut allergies, which is why we don’t allow peanuts in our facilities. From our choice of suppliers to what our employees can bring for lunch, we control every possible source of peanut contamination so that you and your loved ones can enjoy our products with confidence.

We offer gluten-free products: Many of our products are gluten-free. As food safety nerds, we love rules and regulations. We stick to the CFIA and FDA’s requirements for the labelling of gluten-free products.

We offer GMO-free products: We try to offer as many GMO-free products as possible and nuts are inherently GMO-free. We follow the FDA and CFIA guidelines for the verification and labelling.