We’re Kicking Bread Based Croutons to the Curb with the Uncrouton™

Team naturSource

For years, naturSource has prided itself on being the Salad Whisperer. With Salad Toppers in a variety of flavours, from Wildberry to Sriracha, we’ve been elevating the basics and bringing excitement to your meal for 10 years. Now, after millions of salads *topped*, we’re stepping up our salad game and launching something that’s never been seen before: the Uncrouton™.

The Uncrouton™ is a gluten-free, grain-free,dairy-free crouton alternative packed with 6g of plant-base protein perserving. Made only with ingredients you can pronounce (i.e. nuts, seeds, and superfoods like nutritional yeast), these crunchy clusters are made in our peanut-free facility and are available in three mouth-watering flavours: Vegan Caesar,Garlic & Herb, and Teriyaki.

We are so excited to unveil our newest innovation and offer our consumers an easy, and nutritious way to step up mealtime without sacrificing great taste.