New Product Announcement: Worcestershire Almonds

We’ve always been inspired by ingredients and recipes with deep roots and rich histories. Our Tamari® Almonds were inspired by the centuries-old Japanese sauce of the same name. Tamari’s deep roots in tradition were something that spoke to our hearts here at naturSource. When we sourced the best Tamari sauce and paired it with high-grade California almonds, we were able to translate that subtle, rich flavour into a satisfying snack for the masses. 

The inspiration struck again in 2018, when our EVP came across a documentary on the production of Worcestershire sauce. Dating back to the 1800’s, this sauce is a pantry staple across the globe. It’s rich history, unique preparation method and bold flavour are a natural fit with naturSource. While the original sauce contains anchovies, it was important for us to ensure that vegetarians and vegans be able to enjoy the remarkable umami experience of our Worcestershire Almonds. After a year of testing and tweaking, our vegan, gluten-free Worcestershire Almonds were ready to hit the market. And did they ever hit! These have quickly become a favourite among our customers, new and old. We hope you will try them out and let us know why they are your new favourite snack.