New Product Announcement: We’re changing the salad game forever with our new Salad Topper Wildberry

Our Salad Toppers are a tremendous source of pride here at naturSource. In a sea of croutons and bacon bits, our Salad Toppers add colour, texture, flavour and nutrients to salads. Our Original and Organic recipes are the foundation of this range. The second generation of flavours, Crunch and Sriracha Crunch, are fun and savoury additions. Our newest product, Salad Topper Wildberry, represents a very exciting innovation. Not quite sweet and not quite savoury, the flavour is uniquely mouth-watering. This recipe has raspberry-infused cranberries, dry-roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and cashews lightly tossed in apple cider vinegar, Tamari sauce, and honey. The result is a sensational tangy topper that is quickly becoming an all-time favourite among both naturSource employees and our customers. 


Interested in more of this topper? We’ve developed a few amazing recipes that let Wildberry shine. Check them out here and here.