International Export

Canadian made products are becoming increasingly more popular in foreign markets. Specifically, Canadian manufactured food products have earned the reputation of having very high quality and high levels of food safety. Foreign consumers have confidence and demand for Canadian food products. naturSource® is proudly meeting and exceeding the expectations for Canadian products on the international scene.

Working with a foreign company can be complicated. Exporting food products to foreign markets can be a challenging endeavour if the supplier and vendor are not fully prepared. There are many elements to consider such as: logistics, tariffs duties and import fees, foreign exchange, local labeling regulations, certifications, and documentation to name a few. Our team at naturSource® has over three decades of experience importing and exporting. We are ready to bring our products to your market! naturSource® has the certifications and expertise to manufacture and deliver high quality products to anywhere in the world!

We are truly an international company. Not only do we source our ingredients from global suppliers, but we are also a supplier to many international customers. We presently service our North American neighbours as well as several Asian countries including China, Hong Kong and Singapore.