Frequently Asked Questions

Does naturSource® products contain peanuts?

No. We know that many people have sensitivities to peanuts, so we do not put peanuts in our products. However, we cannot guarantee that the trucks used to transport our raw materials and finished goods, nor the people handling our goods at either end of our supply chain (outside of our factory) won’t contaminate the food with peanut protein. We are aware of the severity of peanut allergies, and we want you to know the truth. While we do want you to enjoy our products, we want you to be safe.

Are nuts fattening?

That question isn’t easily answered. We dive into this subject on the benefits of eating nuts .

What’s the deal with sea salt?

Sea salt is considered healthier because it contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. The main differences between sea salt and table salt are the taste, processing, and texture. Sea salt comes from the evaporation of seawater and requires very little processing. Regular table salt, however, is mined from underground and is heavily processed, often with chemicals.

How should I store my naturSource® nuts and fruit and nut mixes?

We sell our nuts, trail mixes and granolas in nitrogen flushed resealable bags. We use nitrogen to displace the oxygen in the package, thereby slowing oxidization and other transformations within the food, which keeps the products fresh, naturally. To maximize freshness, we recommend that you store our products in a cool, dry place, preferably in the refrigerator. Once you open the bags, make sure to reseal them with the included zipper and store them in a cool dry place to maximize freshness.

Where can I buy naturSource® products?

Can’t find us in your local store? You can always contact us directly or mention to your grocery store manager that you are looking for naturSource® products. It might sound silly, but most store managers will listen to you and stock our product line.

How do I best enjoy naturSource® products?

By the handful! You can take naturSource® nuts, trail mixes and granolas with you to the office, on camping trips, to the movies, on picnics, on a plane, or anywhere you plan to go where you could use an energizing snack. Try serving a bowl full of Tamari® Almonds at your next book club or cocktail party.  We could fill pages with great ideas for enjoying naturSource® products. Let your imagination run wild! In fact, you can post about how you enjoy your products on our Facebook page or email us and we’ll post it up there for you!

How do I get in touch with you?

Click here to contact us.