Our commitment to quality


The ability to consistently reproduce flavours and textures that customers have come to love is a testament to naturSource®‘s ongoing dedication to quality. As a food manufacturing company, quality is our top priority. It’s not only about taste, it’s about safety.

Our Quality Assurance team ensures that we adhere to the strictest production standards and rigorous sourcing practices.

Our Production Standards

We take production seriously. The health and safety of our consumers is our number one concern. Because we believe so strongly in following standards of excellence at all times, we have taken it upon ourselves to employ operational procedures far above industry standards.

Our Sourcing Process

Sourcing is the process of determining which ingredients to use, and where to get them from. The ingredients we use are always 100% natural, Kosher pareve, trans-fat free, sulphite free, peanut free, and in the case of our organic products, certified organic. We have spent over three decades  nurturing and cultivating relationships with reliable suppliers that adhere to the highest standards of food safety. All of our suppliers are either HACCP certified or follow HACCP compliant. We take pride in our relationships with our suppliers because we know that the first step in making a great product starts with the best ingredients; and a healthy relationship cultivates a healthy product.

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