Granola goodness

GranolanaturSource® natural granola and organic granola cereals are an excellent way to add wholesome nutrition to your day – morning, noon or night. Canadian oats are the first and most important ingredient in our granolas. Oats are a nutrient dense super food containing protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, thiamine and phytonutrients, and are reported to help reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL).

Our granolas are packed with whole grains. “Studies show that eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. While benefits are most pronounced for those consuming at least 3 servings daily, some studies show reduced risks from as little as one serving daily. The message: every whole grain in your diet helps!”

According to the Whole Grain Council, the main benefits of whole grains include:

Other benefits indicated by recent studies include: